grainline moss skirt. in moss.


Pattern:  Moss Skirt by Grainline Studio

Fabric:  vintage US military wool, $5 because of moth holes, from The Knittn’ Kitten in Portland, OR (this store is AWESOME.)  There was enough fabric that I was able to work around the moth holes.

What can I tell you about this skirt?  I cut a 6 because I thought my measurements matched perfectly but it’s a little snug – the fabric is stretchy, so I guess it works… (the general public may be offended though).


I did not hem the bottom because I like the unfinished look, and I am too tall to have a too-short mini skirt, but it’s starting to fray so I might do a small hem.  I wasn’t sure how to finish the seams because it’s way too bulky for french seams, so I ironed them flat and stitched about 1/8″ on each side of the seam – I really like how it looks on the outside actually.


I learned a lot on this one – this was my first time making a fly front zipper and although I screwed it up a few times, I enjoyed making it.  I had never done pockets this way before either.  However, since the fabric is bulky, it’s a little unsightly from the profile….



Finally, one of my favorite parts of this skirt is the “US” stamp I positioned in the bottom left corner – another reason I don’t want to hem it.


The back waistband does gape a little like other sewists have found, but other than that, as usual, this is a great Grainline pattern – I love her patterns and I love her blog!

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11 thoughts on “grainline moss skirt. in moss.

  1. Very cool fabric!! If you want to hem it but not shorten it you could sew a strip to the bottom at 1/8″ or 1/4″, turn and fold under the raw edge + stitch (sounds way more complicated than it is when written). That way you only lose very little length :)

    • Thanks! Yeah I was pretty excited to find it, even though it made my luggage a tight squeeze flying back from Portland! You know, you have the best ideas, I totally get what you’re saying. I wonder if I could even finagle it with the other half of the “US” stamp, although some of it would be in the seam allowance.

  2. I wonder if you could use that anti-fray stuff in a tube? Sorry, can’t remember what exactly it is called and have never used the stuff myself (but people seem to love it)! I really like the unfinished look you’ve got here. Skirt turned out great! Not offensively snug at all. ;)

    • Fray check! (I think) That’s a good idea! I wonder if it makes it stiff or if the fabric stays the same. Either way, that’s a really good idea to try. Thank you! (And I’m glad I’m not offending anybody!)

  3. I love it, and particularly the US bit. You could also just sew a line of straight stitching just in from the edge so that the fraying stops and doesn’t go any further. I’ve done that a few times. I just bought the Moss pattern and was looking at the Flickr group for fabric inspiration – thanks! :-)

    • Thank you! These are all really good suggestions! Now I need to actually go ahead and DO something with them :) Good luck with your moss skirt!

      • Does your machine have any decorative stitches? You could use those on the edges or two parallel rows of zigzag stitches to stop fraying. Still working on my muslin. Argggh…

      • My machine is pretty basic, but I could do a zigzag. Is the pattern still giving you a lot of problems? I had some of the back gaping issues you had too – I mostly just wear it with shirt/sweaters layered over it and try to ignore it!

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